3D Card for Teacher Appreciation​

May 11, 2017

Good Morning,

I have a quick share for today of this Pop-up Teacher Appreciation Card. If you follow me you know, I love interactive projects such a mini albums, cards or folios. Sizzix makes a die like this, but this one came from the Silhouette Design Store. I want to give credit to the designer, Snapdragon Snippets, this is one of their older designs (circa 2014) but a very well thought out cut file.

My biggest issue is picking pattern papers and colors, just takes me forever. I did finally settle on an old collection from Authentique called “Playful.”  Taking my paper-picking time into consideration, all totaled it took me close to 3 hours to pick paper, cut and piece everything and adhere it. The pictures do not show our teacher’s name on the placard, but I did cut it out of the navy color (same as the star) to tie things together.  This card will fit into a larger envelope as it folds down flat.

Thanks for stopping by, I am dashing to take kids to school and stop at the Coffeehouse for the teacher while picking up flowers along the way. I hope everyone enjoys their Thursday.

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Mixed Media Scrapbook Layout

May 9, 2017

Good Morning,

Today I have the scrapbook page I promised in my last post.  Again this was for an (I)NSD challenge layout over at Scrapbook.com hence thought it was the perfect opportunity to get more comfortable incorporating it into layouts. However, this layout is a perfect example of the Jekyll and Hyde parts of my style. One side very traditional everything straight and layered while the other side is wanting to break out; be messy, splatter everything everywhere! I guess that is the trick is combining the best of both. Still in process.

A little about the project:

blog post xan and oli-4

We once again have an appearance of our Aussie Dog who needs to know what we are doing at all times. Never more so when she smells the strong odors of vinegar and boiled eggs.  (I have to take a moment here to think about her super sniffer. Considering I struggle a bit with the vinegar smell I can only imagine how powerful it must be for her, yet she stays. )

We now have a  tradition of her popping her head up to the table, looking around while giving some serious sniffs and then staring at my middle child until he explains. He must give an excellent explanation as she only goes to him each year. After which she lays on the floor by his feet under the table, patiently waiting until we leave so she can further her investigation.

To highlight, our dog and my son’s egg-dying tradition, I used my Silhouette Cameo for the dog border. I bought it in the design store and it comes with 3 other dog themed borders. The bone in his mouth was not showing up as well so I added Nuvo Crystal drops, white gloss, to the bone.  Just to reiterate, it is a bone, not a rabid dog.  I used stickles in “walnut glaze” to do the eyes.

All the lime green gel medium was done with my favorite stencil by TCW. They are becoming a favorite as their stencils are a heavier weight material, it makes getting around the fine details a little easier. I tried something new, by using the gel along the side similar to inking. It helped give a little dimension to the layer but not sure I would do that again, as the edge allows for saturation of the medium thus a little warping. Then used the “splats” on the stencil to tie into the title.

As I said I still struggle to give in “fully” into my mixed media side but I am working on it! I know I gushed over the gel in my product post, but I do like its finish on a page. I am trying to work up the courage to do a canvas board. I thought it would be fun to do it with Gel, stamps and some old Tim Holtz clear pieces. Still working it out in my mind, so we will see…..


Anyway, thanks for joining me on this little creative stretch.

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Let’s Talk Mixed Media with 3D Gloss Gel

May 7, 2017

Good Morning,

With International/National Scrapbooking Day this past weekend, I found myself breaking out my mixed media supplies.  I have to say I have fallen love with the 3D Gloss Gel!  It looks like glass or depending on your appetite spun sugar, on your project.

3d gloss gel blog-10

If you have not played with it or taken a class, you should try this out.  But first here is something to keep in mind the first time you play with it.  Gel is not as “wet” as modeling paste, perhaps Gesso would be a better comparison. The Gel is white like Gesso in the jar. But the look after mixing in color reminded me of modeling paste as it takes on a creamy, opaque look. This look threw me off as I expected it to be clear, like a gel.

In fact, I was disappointed thinking the color would be what I saw wet. I kept adding more Colorburst trying to achieve a brighter orange, but nothing worked.  I was ready to call it quits but by then I had mixed up so much I didn’t want it to go to waste. I happened to have just finished off a paper towel roll so with a dot stencil,and some washi tape I set out to decorate the roll. I slathered it on and left it to dry. My thinking, if anything my little one will use to make “music” in one form or another. After that I cleaned up and called it a night trying to think how I was going to re-work my layout. Of course,little did I know magic was happening on that paper towel tube.

3d gloss paper towel

The next morning my little one was instantly drawn to it,  as all the dots looked like shining glass buttons. ( Keep in mind I did this when I was frustrated)  The colors were clear and bright. I kicked myself for using so much of the dry ink and giving up on the orange color.  It would have been perfect.

Back to the craft room where I grabbed the Ken Oliver Lime Green Colorburst, mixed it with the gel and went to work. The effect is better than the epoxy stickers currently popular.  I find the thicker I put it on, the more 3D effect it creates. Depending on how “raised” you want it is how much excess you remove off your stencil.

Tip: make sure edges are smooth as the nature of the gel can create sharp edges.

For clean up, I let it dry on my craft mat then just pull it up and threw it away. While it is water-base non-toxic I still would not risk putting this stuff down the drain.

As for buckling the paper, I have not seen any evidence on the two types used such as the Kraft paper towel roll or the Bazzil paper at approx. 75 lb weight.  I think generally when using mixed media mediums you want a heavy weighted paper or watercolor paper given the moisture content.

After using this gel medium I am not sure I want to go back to modeling paste as I love the clear color look the gloss gel creates.  The layout all these was used will be posted this week as I am just waiting for it dry before I can finish assembling it.

Until then…..



Valentine’s Cup of Sweetness

February 10, 2017

Good Morning,



Today I am sharing this tea cup I found on my Valentine’s Day quest for my son’s school. When I spotted this cut file in the Silhouette Store I knew I wanted to make it. It is actually considered a box (lidless) designed by Lori Whitlock.  While it may not work for the kids I think it strikes just the right tone for a teacher and staff gift.

Let’s get into it……

The completed tea cup measures approx. 2 5/8 (across the base) stands at 3 5/8 tall with an opening of 2 1/8. There is plenty of room to add a generous portion of treats. This cut file was relatively easy to put together. For the cup itself, you will need one sheet of 12×12 paper. It cuts two large pieces to form the base and sides of the cup. Then for the decorative layer (included in the file)  you could use either a 12 x12 patterned paper or a 6×6 pad would work as well.


Bo Bunny’s “Head over Heels” collection  (circa 2013) has been hoarded in my stash since it came it out.  I finally decided it was time to break into it. I used it to cover the front and back and keeping things simple I used a flower piece from the 12×12 chipboard sheet. It was tempting to want to put a lot of embellishment’s on it but since I am giving out about ten and make something for the classrooms, I decided to be easy on myself and keep it simple.

As the title says this is a generous cup of sweetness as it can easily hold 20 to 30 pieces of Hershey Kisses. I could also see it holding cocoa packets, coffee or maybe a gift card with some other small items. OOOH! Bath crystals or heart shaped soaps would be nice too, then again chocolate works nicely. 🙂


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post of what I finally decided to make for the kid’s classrooms.

Are you making anything this Valentine’s Day?  Please feel free to share in comments about your crafty project.

Until next time……




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