Fussy cutting and Layering on a card, Oh my!

May 7, 2019

Good Morning,

I am working through the simple Stories Vintage Bliss 6×6 pad like a kid at christmas with a new toy. I am loving for the cards and projects I am making for teacher appreciatation.

Today’s card used about 5 different pattern papers but some were scraps from yesterday’s card. here is the link: https://themorningscrapper.com/2019/05/05/garden-theme-teacher-appreciation-card/ I love all these patterns, they all work perfectly together, one of the reasons Simple Stories is one of my favorite manufactureres.

I used the large floral design and cut out the beautiful big flowers that remind me of peonies. they looked lonely so I cut a few smaller flowers and tucked them around them.

Then to highlight as well as pull all the colors together I built it on the wood and flowers paper, adding the blue strip and a layer of pink. I really liked the base pattern with the muted gold tones. I felt it picked up the little flowers in the pattern as well as the suble shading in the large yellow flower.

Then I added my stamped sentiment from the Stamps of Life set I just received as part of their Die Hard club. The stamp2garden set is cute and it looks like you can get a second set with paterns for some of the stamps. I will add a link in the supply list.

I also wanted to add this Vintage Bliss paper pad was part of a warehouse box I purchased last June from Simple Stories. This is why I purchase them, I would have never given this a look but so glad I received it!

Thank you for stopping by and let me know what you think of this card series.

Here is my supplylist:

Scrapbook page with Graphic 45 Raining Cats and Dogs Collection

April 2, 2016

Good Morning,

It has been a while since I have finished a layout. This particular one is about a trait our beloved “part-toddler-part-Australian Shepherd” has that drives us nuts. If left near any kind of clothing, bedding or towels she will work relentlessly to remove every last vestige of the tag. She even removed the tag from our mattress.  No tag is safe in our house nor do any of us have any idea what a tag has ever done to her. However, I understand from one of the Breeders this “tag removal power” is strong in her family. Her father had it, Her half- brother has it and she has it!

It is particularly frustrating when trying to determine the size of our little one’s clothing. It is a guessing game that usually only reveals itself by him trying on the clothes….not a favorite pastime of our two-year old.

Of course, this impact on our daily lives along with her special powers to ferret out a tag from deep in the laundry basket needed to be documented.  If you look closely in the picture you will see the tag to our bedding just under her fur and near her paw. She was caught in the act!

For this layout I used Graphic 45’s Raining Cats & Dogs. Pet collections lately have not been working well for me so it was with some hesitation that I used it. Turned out the turquoise in the collection, which gave me the most concern, worked well with her black fur.  I used 11 separate pieces of paper on this one including some detail cutting for the girl with the umbrella. The different 6×6 papers were used for the picture mat and the journaling space.  Along with my favorite paw print punch to highlight the picture.colorburst egg3Given it is Graphic 45 paper, I feel more embellishment should on it but it was struggle with the larger picture (6×6) and the layers. I now have plenty of embellishment to figure out another project.

One thing about the creative process, it does not always come at the best times. At the last minute I decided that a base paper of black card stock would add the extra pop I needed for my picture. This meant trimming down the plaid paper which can be difficult with the weight of an almost finished layout, cutting such a fine line of 1/8th can be really hard for my trimmer.   Instead I pulled out my scoring board, scored on the remaining three sides then carefully folded them under. This resulted in cleaner lines with enough dimension there is not a need to ink the edges.    To adhere it to the black card stock I used 1/8th score tape on the edge of the folded edges (leave me a comment if that doesn’t make sense) and tape runner in the middle.

Tip: if you are making a last minute base paper changes that require a narrow cut (i.e. 1/8th of an inch) try using the score board and folding it under. This will give you even clean lines with slight dimension.

I always appreciate the visits and comments, thank you for taking the time to stop by my little space on the web.

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