Mini Album using Graphic 45 Mon Amour

I loved working on this album. I didn’t make my personal deadline but, if I totaled up all my time, I would say it took me 1 ½ weeks.  I will be making more in the future but for now, let’s get into this album…

The front cover is images from the 8×8 paper pad, and I added some Kaisercraft paper flowers….that I probably went a little overboard. The one thing I would do differently would be to add a hardware clasp to the front cover.

Front cover





If I had gone with making my binding, the spine would have been much larger to accommodate the most complex pages and bulk. But that is the fun of making your first one; you learn so much. I did some charms on the spine as I just love the look. I am not sure you can see, but I have some keys, hearts and wedding rings.


Opening the book up, The inside cover is a magnetic flap with a border die to make the make a softer edge. I added one of the journaling cards to have a space to put 4×6 pictures. Under that flap, the page opens up to a pocket that can hold more photos or notes.

On the opposite side and throughout the album I finished the edges using a die from Spellbinder’s Scallop Borders two. I liked the softer look given the romantic theme of this album.

On page one, I have a pocket with our anniversary date filled with tags from the “Pocket and Tags sheet.” This magnetic flap opens to another flap going the opposite way than an opening to another larger picture mat.

The next page is a pocket with pull out tags for notes or small pictures on the front and trimmed with a decorative filigree edge from the same Spellbinders set.


The decorative flap opens to a waterfall of pages for a lot of room for photos or notes each side is decorated with paper from the 6×6 pad.

I think this page is my favorite; I love the black and white along with the pattern paper.  I used some Graphic 45 floss to finish the button.

I tried many different embellishments for this page but ultimately decided I like it plain.The top flap lifts up opening up to a pocket that holds a tri-fold and bi- fold for pictures. The pocket edge was made with the same dies but with it inverted.

On the next page, I used a journaling tag to make a pocket, and the card opens for more picture space. Then the flap opens to another photo mat in a pocket.  The opposite page I did a double pocket,  I like having a place to tuck something in securely. There is a hidden spot for journaling as well. Can you find it?

I like the albums that have a side pocket feature as it can hold larger photo mats, so I knew I wanted to incorporate at least one in this album.

On this page, just did a 4×6 journaling card that opens up for pictures and a side pocket for a photo mat. The opposite side I went with a note/ letter theme. I used the pocket and tags to help convey the theme.

The next two pages are inspired by black and white engagement photos I thought would look good with these papers. I made pages with frames and then some…..

This top frame opens to the side to reveal another frame then lifts up to reveal a magnetic swing tab that hides another large picture spot.  The opposite page is a triple fold idea with two frames, and a hidden pocket, all of that opens for another spot for pictures. The skinny narrow side opens up as well. On the top and side of this page are more built in pockets for larger photo mats. My inspiration went a little rampant on this page resulting in a bulging book but, it is one of my favorite pages.

This next page I am trying show all the flaps and flips plus a little page has a new technique I tried out with a Stephanie Bernard flip it card. The layers of this page are difficult to see in a picture but now here is a bird’s eye view of the whole page.

The next page uses one of the tags from the chipboard sheet as a swing tag.  This double closure opens up to a pocket and envelope styled photo mat.

On the last page, I did a straight basic flap style page with a little pocket and tag. The small flap opens up to reveal a larger one which opens to the photo mat with a pocket holding another bi-fold picture wallet. The final flap reveals a large spot for a bigger picture.

Lastly, the inside back cover I wanted a place to put extra photos or notes, so I did a large pocket with one of the large beautiful chipboard I popped up the center to give it a subtle dimensional look. Inside the pocket is a 4×6 folder covered with another one of the beautiful journaling cards.

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The Creative Side vs. The Mechanical Side


Have you ever found yourself so excited to start a project, maybe an album, a page or even a home improvement project, that its hard to contain yourself? I spend hours researching so when I have the final picture in mind, I dive in. I might even …..maybe on occasion….have a little tunnel vision. Perhaps a tendency to tune out suggestions about bothersome “fine” mechanical details. I mean,seriously, can’t you paint the walls after I have hung everything up?

So yes, my exuberance to bring the mental picture to life has hindered me in all facets of my creative life. The funny thing is, I have a mechanical mind but I have to be calm and patient to access it. Difficult to do when I have an inner Tasmanian Devil-esque creative side in charge.

Which is why I was so excited today when the mechanical side came out strong. Its a small step, not much to write home about, just some album prepping but it was a welcome change. It means my skills are growing both in crafting and personally. I think this aspect of crafting is often overlooked. Its fun, its doesn’t seem like a math class or a critical thinking class but it is, just taught in a way that the creative mind understands.

My craft uses paper, scissors and glue but, I am also using critical thinking, math, geometry, language arts to create. I am just realizing that the more I recognize these aspects in myself the more my creative process flows. I don’t have to choose one over the other more the lesson is about how to make them work together.

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Project challenge

Good Morning,

On my last post I talked about challenging myself to finish a project on my to do list by the end of this month. I decided I would finish up an album that was originally intended for my husband this past Valentines Day.

As I previously said, life can get in the way, in this case it came in the form of our toddler being sick with an ear infection. Who in turn shared it with all of us. Valentine’s Day quickly loses its luster when the NyQuil commercial is your reality.

However, it works out as our  anniversary is coming up in March. What better opportunity  to give a gift celebrating our marriage than on our anniversary.

So now that I have picked my project, let’s get into the products that I will be using to create this album….

The Product List:

Interior blank pages

I choose this square album made by Frank Garcia for Prima Marketing. It is roughly 6.75 x6.75 with  6  6×6 pages. The pages are a thick chipboard kraft base as you can see in the picture. I choose a pre-made album so I could focus on designing interactive pages.

Album front that I have covered


Here is the front cover as you can see I didn’t get very far with it. While the paper and ink are all that is showing I do have most of it designed.



The collection I choose is the beautiful Mon Amour by Graphic 45.

Graphic 45  Mon Amour Collection

When I first saw this collection last fall, I knew immediately I wanted to make an album. But my mind was swimming with Christmas projects ideas so I didn’t buy it right away. By the time I was ready to buy it, most of it had sold out. Now I am  crossing my fingers I have enough to get through the album.

Here is what I have to use:

  • 2  8×8 pads
  • 2 6×6 pads
  • 1  chipboard tags sheet
  • 1 pockets and tags sheet
  • 1 chipboard journaling sticker sheet
  • 1 package of the journaling cards
  • 1 12×12 alphabet sheet
  • Various rhinestone and flower embellishments

Now I need to go refill my coffee cup so I can start planning my page designs and finish inking my pages.

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Scraproom realizations and challenges….

I am finally getting the energy up to clean up my scrap space after the whirlwind of Valentine projects, school projects,  and some new purchases.  As I start to put things away, I see stacks of all the beautiful product I have set aside for a number of project ideas. I realize that it is far to easy to let life get in the way. While some of the ideas I have can be overwhelming it is becoming more overwhelming not to start.  I have the makings for a few mini albums that were  suppose to be a gifts……for christmas……two years ago.  EEK!

With that in mind, I am setting a personal challenge for myself, to finish one of my projects by the end of this month. I know its half way through the month and a short one at that, but I am optimistic.  I will share my project choice along with some pictures in my next post, my progress there after, resulting in a share video at the end.

Does anyone else have an uncompleted project that has been sitting around?  Come join me in this personal crafting challenge. Leave me a comment telling me about your crafty project.

Until our next scrappy morning………


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