A Sneak Peek of a New Holiday Project Using Doodlebug “Here Comes Santa”

November 6, 2016

Good Morning,

I have been in my craft room all weekend finishing up older projects and this new one I am sharing about today.  I needed something to help me plan and keep track of the Christmas season events. Here is a sneak peek of a project coming this week.

Doodlebug recently came out with their new Christmas line titled “Here Comes Santa Claus” and I love the bright colors and icons. This collection is fun plus they have joined the Silhouette community, I have been going crazy buying up the designs.

No matter how much I vow each year to be better organized for the December Season I end up falling hopelessly behind. What usually throws me off is the two birthdays our family has right at the beginning of the month. Hopefully my new idea of an event box, daily countdown…not sure yet on a name….with daily plans will help.  The goal being to outline the month so more gets done in smaller steps. I made these file folders 4 3/4  (5 1/2 with the 2×2 square countdown tab) by 6 1/2, so I could put notes in them as well as pictures. Hopefully, it will help later as I go to scrapbook the season. Once I finish the last set of tab folders, I plan on decorating the file fronts as well.

I created the file folders using 8 1/2 x 11 white 80lb cardstock.  Then used Doodlebug’s 12×12 gingham and linen paper (their version of  a solid)  to cover the front of the file. As I started to adhere the tabs I caught myself forgetting to account for the middle and right side tabs luckily the count numbers  I had done and multiple of 3’s worked out.


Next,  I used one of the collection papers that has borders. Along with the border strips, I also used the border stickers to supplement.  Being a color motivated person, I thought pops of colors peeking out of the file would be more enticing.

Inside each folder, I will be adding a card detailing a to-do list or event for the day along with any notes of funny antics happening along the way. I am planning using the gingham-linen 6×6 pad that goes with this collection to create the cards.


Aren’t these colors yummy?

Finally, I am working on creating a chipboard box to hold it all and place near my front door, so I remember to look in it daily.

I am hoping to have this finished in the next couple of days and do a reveal. (Hopefully, my local Scrapbook store will still have the paper in stock.)  Stay tuned for more project details coming soon.

Thanks for taking a look, until next time….

Pumpkin Sitting

October 31, 2016

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Good Morning,

Today I have a layout to share with you. I started this one while going through my huge creative block, so it was satisfying to finish it. I think the creativity is slowly coming back alive.  I am excited to get to talk about a layout finally, so let’s get into it.


Our family developed this quirky tradition when my oldest was a toddler.  It seems once the kids have identified their pumpkin; they have to sit on it and have their picture taken. Considering, this appears to come to each son naturally; we didn’t blink an eye when our little one plopped himself down on a pumpkin or two. In his case, comfort instead of the size determined the pumpkin. I am sure that will change in the coming years. With this tradition in mind, I set out to build a page around it.

Initially, I thought it would be easier if  I used a collection. I pulled out Echo Park’s  “The Story of Fall” but somehow once I put my background together I couldn’t come up with anything else. It sat, and I fiddled with it each month for a little while but still nothing.I decided to work on my new found passion for interactive albums. I love creating the page layers, flaps, pockets, and hidden spaces. It opened up this whole new part of my mind. I love designing the pages then figuring out how to make it work.  For some reason, working on this kind of project wasn’t impaired with my creative block.

But then my oldest came into my craft space recently, spotted one of his albums and starting looking through it. When he finished, he noticed this layout sitting unfinished on my desk, in his very thoughtful, quiet voice said: “I miss not having new pages in my book.”    I knew I had pictures piling up for their books, so I tried and tried but nothing.

Then for some reason, it dawned on me to use the techniques I enjoy and see what happens. Slowly things came together.  Layering elements have been on my mind lately.   I am finding it can help create new spaces I didn’t previously imagine on my pages. For example, using the twine around the picture to put a tag for the date.  It was also fun to use some of the die-cut pieces to create a title.  When the idea of making the pumpkin picture a pocket popped into my head, everything started to come together.  While the tags are stationary, I like the illusion of interactivity it creates. Hopefully, things will start to go from here, and I will be back posting more frequently again.

Thank you for reading and staying with me. Until next time.

UGH! Reorganizing…

October 22, 2016

Good Morning,

I have been in the middle of re-organizing my tiny space for a while now, I finally figured out why it is hard, I don’t like the space.  I had to downsize so our third little bundle of joy and surprises could have a room. But I have to say after having that space for over 10 years set up exactly as I wanted, with tons of space, it is hard to not want it back.  I am still trying to convince my middle son to share a room with the three-year-old. He isn’t going for it.

So I am now in a space half the size I once had in the middle of a reorganization. My husband is helping me with it..read appreciation with laughter….the downside is he now knows the full extent of my, shall we say “collection”.    While he is supportive he is very eager to see new scrapbook pages and projects finished once we get everything put back.  To help matters along I shopped this past week !   I couldn’t help it the new Graphic 45 Cafe Parisian was in stock at my local store. I have had my eye on it, my family loves all kinds of desserts so this is perfect.


I do have a ton projects I want to finish but I need to get this room finished so I can use my things. Given the size of my new room, I decided to go with the Scraprack, which why it is taking so long. I keep having to order more bases and sleeves supplies Grrrr….

However I will say I like her system and hopefully, I will be able to thin out my stash quickly once I am fully up and running. if you are interested, her website is totally-tiffany.com   She has a lot of other organizing products including the amazing project binder. I love the two I have purchased, better than Iris cases for my interactive albums.

Check out the new graphic 45 it’s beautiful and no I am not paid to say that, just love their products.

Thank you for stopping by, I love to hear from you.

Until next time,

Part 2: “My Boys”Album divider -using flaps and pockets

August 11, 2016

Good Morning,

Today I have an update to the 6×8 album titled ” My Boys” I shared in my previous post Celebrating the “Everyday” with a Simple Stories 6×8 Album.  I have been spending a ton of time editing pictures to print for all the projects I have in the works. I am so behind that it has been time-consuming. However, this past week I  was able to find a little time to work on one of the album dividers.

These albums are made with the idea to keep things simple, but this collection inspires me so much its hard not to want to do more with it. I decided to divide this album by each son. This divider is for my oldest and where he is at in 2016. All these sections will highlight their favorite sayings, activities or just life in general at this age.

I made the divider a double pocket that holds this adorable iPhone piece from the card collection along with a 3×4 journaling/photo. Then added a larger 5×5 tag at the top.Simple Stories %22So Rad%22 Album  inside

The “You are all kinds of Awesome” 4×6 pocket holding the iPhone and 3×4 card doubles as a flap that opens down to reveal a 4×6 photo mat. Simple Stories %22So Rad%22 Album  inside-2 On the inside flap itself, I thought this was a good place to put this cute 4×6 card titled  “Random Facts.”  I used it as a way to highlight his current interests, inside jokes with us and facts about him at this moment in time. To give it some interest and personality, I thought it would be fun to use two of the smaller alphabet fonts included in the kit along with some of the image stickers.

The page stays closed and hides the hidden flap by using two magnets on each side toward the top. I used the chipboard pieces as a reminder as well as a place to open the flap.

To make the 5×5 tag and pocket I used the cork and this super cute stripe/star paper from the 6×6 pad. Normally for a larger tag, I would use cardstock to give it some strength and pop, but I couldn’t decide between designs.  I decided just to keep it as is and let my mood decided on which side faces out.

After cutting the tag with a Spellbinder, border dies this can still hold a 4×4 photo or a 3×4 with a mat on each side. I added their “Bradz” to each side by the ribbon for the “brad effect.”  Their brads do not have the metal tails, so they are effectively enamel/metal sticker.  I used larger ones on the cover of the album as well. ( it can be seen here Celebrating the “Everyday” with a Simple Stories 6×8 Album)

Here is an another look with the stripe side showing in the pocket. Simple Stories %22So Rad%22 Album  inside-5

Thanks for following along with this project, hopefully, I will have more to post soon.

In case you are interested or a hoarder of this collection like me who is ready to start using it, here is the product list (all products are from the Simple Stories “So Rad” Collection):

  • 12×12 orange honeycomb from the Basic Kit Collection
  • 6×6 paper pad for tag, pocket, inside photo mat and blue tab.
  • 12×12 Icon sticker sheet
  • 12×2 alphabet sticker sheet
  • Snap Cards collection (3×4 and 4×6)
  • Chipboard sticker sheet
  • Clear photo stickers (Yolo)
  • “So Rad” Bradz

Until next time……



Celebrating the “Everyday” with a Simple Stories 6×8 Album

July 14, 2016

Good Morning,

I have recently gone through a huge a loss and as loss often does, it made me step back and re-evaluate what is important in life.   One of the biggest realization during this time isI am not doing enough “everyday” life themes in my scrapbooking. I seem to have scads of pictures for the obvious annual events such as first day school, holidays, birthdays and other milestone events. While I take pictures of life happening around me almost daily, it seems the pictures that get the most priority are the special occasion. Why is that? I am regularly telling myself I need to do a page of my youngest son’s love of purple or a funny phrase that is defining my oldest son at the moment.  Why are these precious fleeting moments not getting printed? Is it too personal for me? Is it so common place that I take it for granted?  Am I alone in this type of “rut” ?

In an effort to change this behavior I have a new project titled “My Boys” to share today. This album celebrates the everday phrases, routines, fun and frustrations; like a toddler who loves to give “raspberries” when he is mad. Perhaps a note about our “remote stealing” dog when she is feeling ignored.  This is an album not to be tucked away in some room on a shelf but to be in our family room/living room so it can be picked up and enjoyed.

I am using a Simple Stories 6×8 album along with their “So Rad” collection, which is my all time favorite paper collection for boys.  It is the only boy collections that recognizes not every “tween” or teenage boy is into sports.  While it has some sports it also has the current pop culture phrases and trends happening in the everyday life of “tween” or teenage boy.  Along with the positive messaging, this collections gives many options to highlight the different interests of each son.

For today’s post I am sharing the simple cover design I created and the inside cover.

Simple Stories album covers

Front cover with charms from my local scrapbook store


I wanted to incorporate their names as well as a few represtive icons of their intersts. This paper is my favorite in the whole collection. Am I the only one who has a hard time cutting into their favorite paper? I know I will enjoy it more if I use it than keep it in my stash but still, it is hard to make that first cut.  I also want to recognize the awesome Converse shoe charm I found at my local scrapbook store Scrapbook Island/Creative Escapes.

Simple Stories album covers-3

Inside front cover

This cork paper was so inspiring, I had too many ideas.  Thinking it would be wise to take a step back instead of forcing the issue, this remains fairly blank. An update will be made when I decided on one idea.

Simple Stories album covers-2

Back cover

The plaid is another favorite and another reason this collection has endeared itself to me. Simple Stories includes these basic design patterns like plaids, stripes and dots all jazzed up for guys. It is so much easier to design pages or albums  when these basics are included.  Plaid seem like the ideal paper to go with since I normally keep the back of the album plain.

Next I want to finish the chipboard dividers and pick out some pictures from this year to add to the pocket pages. Stay tuned….

As alwasy I appreciate you comments or feedback.

Until next time…


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