Let’s Talk Mixed Media with 3D Gloss Gel

May 7, 2017

Good Morning,

With International/National Scrapbooking Day this past weekend, I found myself breaking out my mixed media supplies.  I have to say I have fallen love with the 3D Gloss Gel!  It looks like glass or depending on your appetite spun sugar, on your project.

3d gloss gel blog-10

If you have not played with it or taken a class, you should try this out.  But first here is something to keep in mind the first time you play with it.  Gel is not as “wet” as modeling paste, perhaps Gesso would be a better comparison. The Gel is white like Gesso in the jar. But the look after mixing in color reminded me of modeling paste as it takes on a creamy, opaque look. This look threw me off as I expected it to be clear, like a gel.

In fact, I was disappointed thinking the color would be what I saw wet. I kept adding more Colorburst trying to achieve a brighter orange, but nothing worked.  I was ready to call it quits but by then I had mixed up so much I didn’t want it to go to waste. I happened to have just finished off a paper towel roll so with a dot stencil,and some washi tape I set out to decorate the roll. I slathered it on and left it to dry. My thinking, if anything my little one will use to make “music” in one form or another. After that I cleaned up and called it a night trying to think how I was going to re-work my layout. Of course,little did I know magic was happening on that paper towel tube.

3d gloss paper towel

The next morning my little one was instantly drawn to it,  as all the dots looked like shining glass buttons. ( Keep in mind I did this when I was frustrated)  The colors were clear and bright. I kicked myself for using so much of the dry ink and giving up on the orange color.  It would have been perfect.

Back to the craft room where I grabbed the Ken Oliver Lime Green Colorburst, mixed it with the gel and went to work. The effect is better than the epoxy stickers currently popular.  I find the thicker I put it on, the more 3D effect it creates. Depending on how “raised” you want it is how much excess you remove off your stencil.

Tip: make sure edges are smooth as the nature of the gel can create sharp edges.

For clean up, I let it dry on my craft mat then just pull it up and threw it away. While it is water-base non-toxic I still would not risk putting this stuff down the drain.

As for buckling the paper, I have not seen any evidence on the two types used such as the Kraft paper towel roll or the Bazzil paper at approx. 75 lb weight.  I think generally when using mixed media mediums you want a heavy weighted paper or watercolor paper given the moisture content.

After using this gel medium I am not sure I want to go back to modeling paste as I love the clear color look the gloss gel creates.  The layout all these was used will be posted this week as I am just waiting for it dry before I can finish assembling it.

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Celebrating the “Everyday” with a Simple Stories 6×8 Album

July 14, 2016

Good Morning,

I have recently gone through a huge a loss and as loss often does, it made me step back and re-evaluate what is important in life.   One of the biggest realization during this time isI am not doing enough “everyday” life themes in my scrapbooking. I seem to have scads of pictures for the obvious annual events such as first day school, holidays, birthdays and other milestone events. While I take pictures of life happening around me almost daily, it seems the pictures that get the most priority are the special occasion. Why is that? I am regularly telling myself I need to do a page of my youngest son’s love of purple or a funny phrase that is defining my oldest son at the moment.  Why are these precious fleeting moments not getting printed? Is it too personal for me? Is it so common place that I take it for granted?  Am I alone in this type of “rut” ?

In an effort to change this behavior I have a new project titled “My Boys” to share today. This album celebrates the everday phrases, routines, fun and frustrations; like a toddler who loves to give “raspberries” when he is mad. Perhaps a note about our “remote stealing” dog when she is feeling ignored.  This is an album not to be tucked away in some room on a shelf but to be in our family room/living room so it can be picked up and enjoyed.

I am using a Simple Stories 6×8 album along with their “So Rad” collection, which is my all time favorite paper collection for boys.  It is the only boy collections that recognizes not every “tween” or teenage boy is into sports.  While it has some sports it also has the current pop culture phrases and trends happening in the everyday life of “tween” or teenage boy.  Along with the positive messaging, this collections gives many options to highlight the different interests of each son.

For today’s post I am sharing the simple cover design I created and the inside cover.

Simple Stories album covers

Front cover with charms from my local scrapbook store


I wanted to incorporate their names as well as a few represtive icons of their intersts. This paper is my favorite in the whole collection. Am I the only one who has a hard time cutting into their favorite paper? I know I will enjoy it more if I use it than keep it in my stash but still, it is hard to make that first cut.  I also want to recognize the awesome Converse shoe charm I found at my local scrapbook store Scrapbook Island/Creative Escapes.

Simple Stories album covers-3

Inside front cover

This cork paper was so inspiring, I had too many ideas.  Thinking it would be wise to take a step back instead of forcing the issue, this remains fairly blank. An update will be made when I decided on one idea.

Simple Stories album covers-2

Back cover

The plaid is another favorite and another reason this collection has endeared itself to me. Simple Stories includes these basic design patterns like plaids, stripes and dots all jazzed up for guys. It is so much easier to design pages or albums  when these basics are included.  Plaid seem like the ideal paper to go with since I normally keep the back of the album plain.

Next I want to finish the chipboard dividers and pick out some pictures from this year to add to the pocket pages. Stay tuned….

As alwasy I appreciate you comments or feedback.

Until next time…


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