Mini Album using Graphic 45 Mon Amour

Details of my mini album using Graphic 45 Mon Amor collection with highlights of some pockets and flaps.

The Creative Side vs. The Mechanical Side

  Have you ever found yourself so excited to start a project, maybe an album, a page or even a home improvement project, that its hard to contain yourself? I spend hours researching so when I have the final picture in mind, I dive in. I might even …..maybe on occasion….have a little tunnel vision.Continue reading “The Creative Side vs. The Mechanical Side”

Project challenge

Good Morning, On my last post I talked about challenging myself to finish a project on my to do list by the end of this month. I decided I would finish up an album that was originally intended for my husband this past Valentines Day. As I previously said, life can get in the way,Continue reading “Project challenge”

Scraproom realizations and challenges….

I am finally getting the energy up to clean up my scrap space after the whirlwind of Valentine projects, school projects,  and some new purchases.  As I start to put things away, I see stacks of all the beautiful product I have set aside for a number of project ideas. I realize that it isContinue reading “Scraproom realizations and challenges….”