Nuvo Crystal Drops -New Obsession

Good Morning,

This is just a quick share on adding to my latest product obsession, Tonic Studio’s Nuvo Crystal Drops.  During the holiday season, Blitsy crafts had a  sale on these I couldn’t resist.  Here are my latest additions.


Left to right: Wedgewood Blue, Duck Egg Blue, Pale Gold, Violet Galaxy, Rhubarb Crumble


These are currently one of my favorite products, it is embellishment in a bottle. Now they are offering some with sparkles. I picked these up with the fanciful thoughts of finishing some mini albums before Christmas. The pale gold went nicely with the Graphic 45 Christmas collection. While that didn’t work out at least, I thought ahead for Valentine’s Day!

If you are not familiar with these little bottles of dimensional fun, they are the equivalent of enamel dots. They work on all kinds of projects and materials by offering a nice finishing touch. I have used them on a scrapbook page as a way to finish a die cut, such as our orange tree in this layout below. They are also nice to add that little something to add to a corner or empty spot.

Pictured drops are Ripened Pumpkin, Apple Green, and Buttermilk. The tree’s oranges are done with Ripened Pumpkin.


Anyways, I would love to hear from you any fellow “collectors” or enthusiast how you use them. This is a safe place if you would like to share about just your collection that is okay too. 🙂

Until next time.

*I am not compensated by Tonic Studios or Blitsy just sharing products I think would be enjoyed by my readers. 




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10 thoughts on “Nuvo Crystal Drops -New Obsession

  1. I have recently become addicted to these too! I don’t trust myself to get them right, and evenly sized directly on a project though, so I make a load ahead of time on wax paper or something similar. I have heard that some people use quilling moulds to get them uniformly sized. I haven’t tried myself so am not sure how well it works. I wondered if it might make the edges marked or be tricky to release. I feel some experiments coming on!

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    1. Oh, quilling molds is a good tip.If you experiment will you share on your blog? If not please drop me a line on the outcome, I am curious. I have received some feedback about wax paper too. I may need to try it, it would be nice to have them on hand instead of as a last minute idea. Often I think of it as I am trying to finish a project.

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      1. Yes, if I try it, I will share! The wax/freezer/greaseproof paper (I think we all call it different things, or have some more readily available) works a treat. I have a jar of yummy little drops now!

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  2. I LOVE Nuvo Drops. I think I have every color! I use them on almost every card I make now. They do take some time to dry. I have added the directly to my cards and then let the card sit for 24 hours to let them dry. I did find another way to “create” them. I laminated a piece of card stock. When I start a card, I choose my colors, so I also choose the color of drops I want to use. I create the drops by putting them on this laminated paper to dry. If I want more rounded drops, I just drop them on the paper and let them dry. If I want flatter drops, more like the enamel drops, I find that if I gently tap the paper underneath the drop, they will spread out a little more and not be so “tall”. This makes them great for mailing. By the time I have finished my card (usually the next night or so) they are dry, so all I have to do is pop them off of the laminated paper and use a little glossy accents to adhere them to my card. I also found that you can make them up ahead of time. I made some and let them sit for 2 days. After popping them off the paper, I was able to store them in some plastic containers. I have heard that if you don’t let them completely dry before putting them in the plastic containers they can stick together. I have not had that problem by letting them sit for 2 days before removing them from my paper and putting them in the plastic. 🙂

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    1. Oh this is a great idea for having dots on hand. I will have to try this. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I am so happy to hear there is someone out with a large collection, I am still growing mine but glad I am not alone. They just make me happy when I see them in my craft room

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    1. As someone who drinks too much coffee I understand about less than steady hands. I have used them primarily as dots (like the popular enamel dots) or filling in a shape both of which are forgiving. If you are looking to use it as an outline or straight line then I would suggest trying it out on scratch paper first. I will the say the bottles are softer (compared to stickles) making them easier to squeeze and the product is denser so a little leeway but straight lines could be tricky just because of the nature of how its applied. Thanks for asking, I hope this was helpful.

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