Doors, Little Fingers and Surgery

I had hoped to have a project ready to post today, but over the weekend we were all traumatized by my little one getting his finger slammed in the bathroom door. He can get a strong scream out, but nothing like the blood-curdling scream of his finger caught to make your spine ache.

We spent Saturday in the emergency room waiting for the plastic surgeon to come in to reattach the top joint of his middle finger. (it was cut through the bone).  My little guy was a trooper even though he received numbing shot between the fingers while strapped down.

After having received prescriptions and instructions on aftercare, I am convinced the ER Staff have no idea what is to be a parent of a 3-year-old. They not only prescribed codeine in his Tylenol (thank God for a pharmacist who knows better than to give a class 1 drug  to a  3-year-old.)  But fully expected us to change his bandage three times a day. Three times a day!  Is that the plastic surgeon getting even with us for being called in on a Saturday during Thanksgiving Weekend?

I would not be surprised if the neighbors called the police to investigate us after the screams that came out of that little body to change the dressing. Did I mention they had it wrapped with an antibacterial strip? Why put us through all that? Given there is no guarantee the re-attachment will take hold why expose it so much?  Seeing all his stitches in such a tiny area along with his cries of “I am done!” just about had my husband and me in straight jackets.  I spent the next hour or two( I lost track) repeating and muttering to myself “that was awful, just awful!”  I think it took a good 2 hours after that before my muscles finally relaxed to their normal state.

As if that is not bad enough there is the dead of night when your child is yelling out in his sleep ” No Doctor! No Doctor! I am fine! I am fine!” you find out the depth of his trauma. Once again reminding you how helpless you are as a parent as you sit in the dark trying your best not to say “It’s ok.” to which he will adamantly tell you “No! It’s not mom!”  Did I mention he is 3?

As I sat there wide awake at 2 in the morning I couldn’t help but think as awful as this was, there are parents in way too many places with much worse to deal with than what has happened to us. If I had one wish granted this holiday season; it would be that no parent ever has to hold a child in pain, traumatized or hungry in the dead of night telling them it will be ok, when it is not!

I know, not the most cheery of posts, I will be back with something more fun later this week when the body starts to loosen up again. Until then watch the little fingers and doors. If anyone knows of a good organization, that helps families in need; please share in the comments.


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4 thoughts on “Doors, Little Fingers and Surgery

  1. Hi, I know you haven’t posted anything recently but I just wanted to drop by and wish you and yours a Happy New Year.
    All the best for 2017 Xx

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  2. Oh the poor little guy. Any injury to your child always tugs at your heart. You feel so bad for them going through the pain and trauma, knowing that they are hurting. When my daughter was in kindergarten, she fell and got a nasty cut on her forehead. I took her to the emergency room and the doctor called in a plastic surgeon to stitch her up. Because it was above her forehead she could see every move the doctor made. She screamed at every move his hand made towards her head. It took 5 hours in the emergency room. When it came time to have the stitches removed, it was almost worse. The doctor who removed them told me that he understood that being a girl, the surgeon wanted to make sure she had as small of a scar as possible with it being on her forehead, but he made the stitches so small he almost couldn’t get them out. I hope he heals without any further problems and hope his finger heals. Hugs to Mom and Dad. 🙂


  3. Ohhh Morning Scrapper!!!
    I was there with you as you went through this whole thing. I know (from a similar accident) what it is to be in a situation like this, and know how misery making it is for everyone.

    As for the changing of the dressings … Could you take him to your doctors and ask for the help of the nurse there? With a bit of luck she might be more understanding and be able to help your little one.

    Just a thought .. this was something I learnt as the mother of little ones (two very grown up girls now – with children of their own), . . . .

    A bit of a trick to getting dressings off . . . . ask them to help take off their own dressing. I found that by getting them to slowly take off their own bandage made them concentrate so hard on removing it that they didn’t give in to the screaming in fear that I’d hurt them by removing it. There were a few “ssssssss!” and some “oh, OH!”‘s, but they did well.

    I know he’s only three … but it might be worth a try as he seems quite grown up in his reasoning and might just prefer this idea.

    I’m so sorry for the poor little guy, what a distressing time for you all. Just the thought of it makes me shudder.
    Hope everything is fine with his finger and that everything heals as well as you want it to.
    Sending love and gentle hugs, ~ Cobs. x

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