New Washi Tape Addict

Good Morning,

Today’s post is rather quick since those of us in the U.S. will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday. This year I am cooking so I need a couple of days to prep.  Not to mention, I have a valid reason to be on Pinterest for hours.

For today’s scrapbook page I am still working on last year’s pumpkin patch pictures. I seem always to be behind in my scrapbooking, perhaps when I am 80 years old, I will be caught up. However I am using a current collection so that evens everything up, right?

The idea for this layout came, when I was creating the fall card a couple of weeks ago, I previously posted when I only had the 6×6 pad.  I couldn’t wait to receive the rest of the collection from after scoring a great deal.


I liked the idea of creating dimension with a frame and tucking pictures behind it and using the word/phrase paper.  I just wish the dimensional tape I used was thicker for more depth. Given the odd sizes of these pictures, my usual scrapbook style would not have done them justice.  I feel the tight cropping needed to fit in the frame allows the viewer to focus on the action happening in the pictures.

This layout marks a milestone for me; it is the first time I have ever used washi tape on a layout. I now understand what I have been missing all this time; this tape is so versatile.  For someone like me, who needs a few tries to get items straight on a page this tape is the answer. It didn’t tear my paper nor lose its adhesive properties when re-sticking it. I used the orange tape on the top and bottom as a defining border on the phrase paper. Aside from the multiple uses it in my craft room it will start to make its way into layouts and cards as borders…baby steps.

Simple Stories “Hello Fall” Collection colors inspire me, so putting together this layout along with other projects is easier. Which means I might finally finish these pumpkin pages not only this year but while it is still Fall.

If you’re interested here is my supply list:

Simple Stories Hello Fall Collection

  • 12×12  sheet of Sweater Weather (plaid paper)
  • 12×12 sheet of 12×6 cut apart
  • Bits and Pieces (die cuts pack)
  • orange washi tape
  • Hello Fall Chipboard Stickers

Thank you for spending a little time with me today, I appreciate your thoughts or comments.

Until next time…..

**Please note I am not compensated or affiliated with  any of these companies. I am just passing on information about companies who produce either quality product or service.



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10 thoughts on “New Washi Tape Addict

  1. Oh I’ve always intended to make a scrapbook, but never seem to get it done! I have so many supplies and photos! LOL (over 20,000 photos!) I was always the one in the family to take photos, and still do! LOL I have so much washi tape…a lot of it was given to me. It is still sitting in one of my cubbies. Someday I will get it out and use it! LOL! Love how you added the photos on the page! 🙂


  2. Great idea to tuck the pictures behind the word panel and I agree it works well to ‘crop’ them visually like this. I share your dimensional tape woes. I often have double or even triple layers of it to get the depth I want. Sort of like Princess and the Pea!

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      1. I use 3d foam, either on rolls or pre-cut into varying sized squares or rectangles and different depths too. Except I can rarely find the depth I want when I need it!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. So your still having to layer it up a bit. I bought the “tape” roll. In the package it looks thick, it is deceiving. My 3d glue dots have more dimension, even after I squish them down. Its all frustrating. Perhaps with the paper crafting industry expanding into different things we see more 3d adhesive products.

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    1. Yeah, I get that. I was hesitant to jump into the whole washi craze. Partly, I just didn’t like how I had seen it used or it was so thin and transparent. But, I like it for the pop of color on the borders ( this one is not as transparent) for this layout. Then I used it on my die machine, holding things together temporarily….yeah I am getting hooked for its convenience around the craft room and house. I think I like it mostly for its “painter tape” properties in a pretty look. LOL!

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