A Sneak Peek of a New Holiday Project Using Doodlebug “Here Comes Santa”

Good Morning,

I have been in my craft room all weekend finishing up older projects and this new one I am sharing about today.  I needed something to help me plan and keep track of the Christmas season events. Here is a sneak peek of a project coming this week.

Doodlebug recently came out with their new Christmas line titled “Here Comes Santa Claus” and I love the bright colors and icons. This collection is fun plus they have joined the Silhouette community, I have been going crazy buying up the designs.

No matter how much I vow each year to be better organized for the December Season I end up falling hopelessly behind. What usually throws me off is the two birthdays our family has right at the beginning of the month. Hopefully my new idea of an event box, daily countdown…not sure yet on a name….with daily plans will help.  The goal being to outline the month so more gets done in smaller steps. I made these file folders 4 3/4  (5 1/2 with the 2×2 square countdown tab) by 6 1/2, so I could put notes in them as well as pictures. Hopefully, it will help later as I go to scrapbook the season. Once I finish the last set of tab folders, I plan on decorating the file fronts as well.

I created the file folders using 8 1/2 x 11 white 80lb cardstock.  Then used Doodlebug’s 12×12 gingham and linen paper (their version of  a solid)  to cover the front of the file. As I started to adhere the tabs I caught myself forgetting to account for the middle and right side tabs luckily the count numbers  I had done and multiple of 3’s worked out.


Next,  I used one of the collection papers that has borders. Along with the border strips, I also used the border stickers to supplement.  Being a color motivated person, I thought pops of colors peeking out of the file would be more enticing.

Inside each folder, I will be adding a card detailing a to-do list or event for the day along with any notes of funny antics happening along the way. I am planning using the gingham-linen 6×6 pad that goes with this collection to create the cards.

Aren’t these colors yummy?

Finally, I am working on creating a chipboard box to hold it all and place near my front door, so I remember to look in it daily.

I am hoping to have this finished in the next couple of days and do a reveal. (Hopefully, my local Scrapbook store will still have the paper in stock.)  Stay tuned for more project details coming soon.

Thanks for taking a look, until next time….

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9 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek of a New Holiday Project Using Doodlebug “Here Comes Santa”

  1. I love your incredible file folders. They are so festive looking. Can’t believe Xmas is right around the corner again. I also love the updated web page.. It is so easy to navigate.

    Liked by 1 person

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