Caution using “Zip Dry” Glue!

Good morning,

In the past few weeks, I have seen numerous questions about adhesive on multiple forums. Ironically, this topic is one on my list to talk about as there are so many options for so many reasons.

However today, in particular, I would like to address Zip Dry adhesive. I have used tape runners, ATG or glue dots for years out of fear liquid glue would warp my paper.  After years of hearing about it, I decided to give Zip Dry a try. The glue is made for paper crafting as it is “drier” than most liquids but still allows for adjustments before it sets.  I love working with it. It has a fine tip nozzle allowing for its use on small items as well as larger surfaces. Zip Dry’s thicker viscosity allows for easy removal from fingers or excess glue on projects, unlike traditional liquid adhesive.

This adhesive has been my go to for a couple of weeks now. I liked it so much  I purchased another bottle before even being close to finished with the first.  I am not the best at putting things down perfectly straight the first time. Being able to adjust things has given me a fighting chance to have straight photo mats or layers, while not damaging the project.

However, this glue needs to come with a warning label. It must be used in a well-ventilated area. Let me repeat that a “well ventilated” area emphasis on “well.”


Here is why; my sense of smell is impaired from fighting a cold, it has been going on for a few weeks.  Not realizing the strong odor I didn’t think to crack a window. My craft room is small. Until yesterday I didn’t put it together, but I noticed in the past few weeks having a hard time catching my breath after coming up the stairs.  My heart would race while my pulse felt odd; it would take a long time for it to settle down. I felt as though I just ran a marathon at full speed.

When it happened again yesterday, my husband finally put it together. He had mentioned a few times the strong odor from the Zip Dry, but I didn’t think anything of it. I didn’t smell anything if it was that strong wouldn’t it have penetrated my stuffed sinus, act like a decongestant? I kept working all the while feeling not quite right.

He immediately opened the large corner windows, within 10 minutes I started to feel better. My heart no long raced when I went up stairs or got up quickly. My pulse calmed down immediately.  I simultaneously felt relieved from worry about a more serious health condition but stupid for not taking a cue from his comments about the odor.  In all the discussion about this product, never have I heard someone mention these effects. It is so powerful; I am not sure I would bring it with me to an event as it could affect someone else despite the large rooms. It probably wouldn’t look good for people passed out on the floor.

I still love Zip Dry, but it needs to be in a well-ventilated area. If you are feeling, light headed or quickened pulse changes when using it please walk away and get air!

Adhesives are still on my list to post about but wanted to share this experience (despite looking so dumb!) with Zip Dry, as a warning. The package needs to have a huge warning label instead of their microscopic writing on the back.  Perhaps I should re-think about trying glossy accents again.

I would be interested to hear if you any of you had similar experiences with this glue. Please share in comments, I always appreciate the comments.

Until next time, keep your spaces well ventilated.





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5 thoughts on “Caution using “Zip Dry” Glue!

  1. I love zip dry. I do not use it for everyday crafting though. I use if for my acrylic pages or items that just won’t stick with regular adhesive. And yes it has a very strong odor. I just use it sparingly.


  2. I’m not sure we have this glue here in the UK. Those side effects sound pretty scary though! I avoid wet glue for the same reason as you, I just hate things being ok one day and warped the next. Drives me mad! Keep the reviews coming – always handy to know what other crafters use and what they think of a product.


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