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One of my top post from this year was about shopping sites that offer great deals. Considering many sites are having deals right now during this prime crafting time, I thought I would do a follow up with more site. If you missed my previous post here is a link  Best Scrapbooking Deal Sites –

This site offers a “steal” a day, but you can still access past offerings. offers a free email sign up for their daily steal.  This site offers deals on older product collections at a reduced rate but current collections as well.  For example, today they have the brand new Simple Stories “Fall” collection on sale for half price. The deal includes accessories such as clips, washi tape, and “bradz,” all things I do not usually buy due to cost. One other perk of this site is their point program, every purchase (not including tax and shipping) generates points you can use at any time. In fact, it pops up as an option when you check out, making it easy to use your rewards. is organized well as they offer “steals” for women, babies, and kids as well.  They have headings for each category making it easy to find the scrapbooking deals. I have had good experiences with their turn around time and packaging. What impresses me the most about companies is how they handle a problem, this company’s service is fantastic. –

Blitsy offers a huge range of craft and art supply. They offer sales on top brands in scrapbooking  (Graphic 45, Simple Stories, Ken Oliver, Prima, etc.) along with essential tools and supplies. In additions, this site offers webinars on a variety of technique, current trends as well as general craft ideas. Along with a reward program and international shipping to over 100 countries, this site has something for everyone.

Blitsy’s concept is a little different than your typical store.  Their deals last a specified amount of days.  Once the sale is over, their order is placed with a manufacturer. Once it arrives at their warehouse, they ship it out to you usually 1-2 business days.  When you visit, you will want to read their “about” section.  When I buy from them, it is for items I want to make in the future or to stock up on staples (i.e. Scor-tape, solid paper, paint brushes, etc.).

In addition, to their “on demand” stocking model their shopping experience is unique as well. When an item is added to your cart, a timer will start at the top of the page. Each time something new is added the timer re-starts, but you will need to check out before the timer runs out otherwise the items are removed from your cart.  The first time this happened to me, I was confused, but once I understood the process, it focused my shopping.  This site will keep you on your toes while having fun looking at their deals. Worth a look.


Please let me know if you found this helpful as I always enjoy hearing from my visitors.

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