Toddlers, Stamps and Royal Letters

I have a 3-year-old who loves to do art. He has been interested in my craft room since he could walk, unfortunately for me, that was at eight months. He was fascinated with glitter, embossing powder and of course inks. In one way or another, all these items have been dumped out, thrown in the air or pulled apart with the pure joy of discovery only a toddler can express. He would proudly show me his colorful hands after playing with an ink pad. He has a pair of white shorts that now sport a chic design courtesy of gray embossing powder. We refer to them as his custom designed shorts aka Designs by Xack.

Taking his art aspirations into account, I started to do stamping with him. Thinking if I gave him the time it might curb his exploration while saving my supplies. We have been stamping a few times a week together for almost  1 1/2 years now. Whenever he asks, I stop what I am doing, pull out the supplies, and we play.  It is our creative time together, and I love it.

In the past month, though, I have been busy trying to get things done for my other son’s school. Xack seems to come in right when I am at a crucial point, so I have not been able to stop immediately.  He has been good about it until about a week ago.

I had gotten up to grab my work off the printer while the little opportunist scrambled into my chair, giggling the whole time at his swiftness. He refused to give it up wanting to stamp. We spent a few minutes stamping before my husband started calling me from downstairs.  I offered to carry him down, but he didn’t want to move from the chair.  Giving the desk a cursory glance, it seemed safe to leave him, nothing to damage, just some out of reach papers. I left for few minutes.

A few days later when cleaning up my desk, I smiled as I saw multiple pink graphic 45 dog images stamped on a folded paper. I picked up the paper with the intention of throwing it away only to realize it was a letter from Kenniston Palace.

Xack was born a day before Prince George; my mother had heard that the Duke and Duchess were giving out commemorative silver pennies to babies born on the same day. While in no way did we qualify for the date not to mention being U.S. citizens, my mother thought she would still ask.  We received a polite rejection letter on fine quality letterhead which acted as a terrific surface for my Non-prince to practice his stamping. Realizing what he had stamped on I was initially filled with disappointment, but then I had to laugh.  I had to appreciate the mind of a toddler artist, grab any paper and stamp. I was grateful it was on the back. What we sacrifice out of love for our children and their passions. In any account, we have an interesting story to go along with the letter for his album.


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7 thoughts on “Toddlers, Stamps and Royal Letters

  1. Aw bless him.

    The letter in itself is wonderful, and a great addition to his memory book … but with the addition of his stamped images, he’s unknowingly captured a moment in time which will bring the story all together. Like joining up the ends of a line to turn it into a circle.

    This moment of creatiity makes a great story into a beautiful memory with evidence of a moment.

    Love it Kathy.

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  2. Great story. He sounds adorable. I’m sure the HRHs would love to know they provide good quality stamping paper! You are right though, it is a great keepsake for an album and much more fun with the artistic additions!


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