Part 2: “My Boys”Album divider -using flaps and pockets

Good Morning,

Today I have an update to the 6×8 album titled ” My Boys” I shared in my previous post Celebrating the “Everyday” with a Simple Stories 6×8 Album.  I have been spending a ton of time editing pictures to print for all the projects I have in the works. I am so behind that it has been time-consuming. However, this past week I  was able to find a little time to work on one of the album dividers.

These albums are made with the idea to keep things simple, but this collection inspires me so much its hard not to want to do more with it. I decided to divide this album by each son. This divider is for my oldest and where he is at in 2016. All these sections will highlight their favorite sayings, activities or just life in general at this age.

I made the divider a double pocket that holds this adorable iPhone piece from the card collection along with a 3×4 journaling/photo. Then added a larger 5×5 tag at the top.Simple Stories %22So Rad%22 Album  inside

The “You are all kinds of Awesome” 4×6 pocket holding the iPhone and 3×4 card doubles as a flap that opens down to reveal a 4×6 photo mat. Simple Stories %22So Rad%22 Album  inside-2 On the inside flap itself, I thought this was a good place to put this cute 4×6 card titled  “Random Facts.”  I used it as a way to highlight his current interests, inside jokes with us and facts about him at this moment in time. To give it some interest and personality, I thought it would be fun to use two of the smaller alphabet fonts included in the kit along with some of the image stickers.

The page stays closed and hides the hidden flap by using two magnets on each side toward the top. I used the chipboard pieces as a reminder as well as a place to open the flap.

To make the 5×5 tag and pocket I used the cork and this super cute stripe/star paper from the 6×6 pad. Normally for a larger tag, I would use cardstock to give it some strength and pop, but I couldn’t decide between designs.  I decided just to keep it as is and let my mood decided on which side faces out.

After cutting the tag with a Spellbinder, border dies this can still hold a 4×4 photo or a 3×4 with a mat on each side. I added their “Bradz” to each side by the ribbon for the “brad effect.”  Their brads do not have the metal tails, so they are effectively enamel/metal sticker.  I used larger ones on the cover of the album as well. ( it can be seen here Celebrating the “Everyday” with a Simple Stories 6×8 Album)

Here is an another look with the stripe side showing in the pocket. Simple Stories %22So Rad%22 Album  inside-5

Thanks for following along with this project, hopefully, I will have more to post soon.

In case you are interested or a hoarder of this collection like me who is ready to start using it, here is the product list (all products are from the Simple Stories “So Rad” Collection):

  • 12×12 orange honeycomb from the Basic Kit Collection
  • 6×6 paper pad for tag, pocket, inside photo mat and blue tab.
  • 12×12 Icon sticker sheet
  • 12×2 alphabet sticker sheet
  • Snap Cards collection (3×4 and 4×6)
  • Chipboard sticker sheet
  • Clear photo stickers (Yolo)
  • “So Rad” Bradz

Until next time……



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