Card Kit from Technique Tuesday’s warehouse box

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Just a quick post to share one of the card kits in my Technique Tuesday’s warehouse box. This class kit was about learning the techniques of second generation stamping, paint, and masking.

While I continue to work through my creative block  it was helpful to work on a well thought out kit. It sorta kicks started me a bit.  The work is not my best but the techniques were interesting to work out. I am still trying to figure out some of the masking technique. The fussy cutting part of it was probably my downfall.

Here are the cards that I made from the kit, they had full-color sheet along with separate instructions for each card.  This stamp set along with a red and green ink pad was included as the focus for the kit. 20160625_114155.jpg

The first card was about doing a “second generation” stamp. This also required cutting out cherries from felt. Let’s just say I have never been the best at cutting things out.  If my cherries were real, one might think the tree was diseased.  However, I did like the idea of using the cherry stamp as a scallop border.   The “second generation” technique  was used on the stems. I like how it pulled in the gray cardstock in a subtle way.  The second generation means stamping once on a scratch sheet of paper then immediately on your project. If you’re using a black ink it gives a gray color.

Technique Tuesday card kit-7

The next card was beautiful in the picture. I did not do it justice. The technique being taught here was to use paint to stamp the lemons.  I didn’t have any so I used the only yellow ink pad I had  to stamp the lemons. The paint technique created a surface that mimicked the damask look a bit. Apparently, acrylic paints dry fast and clean up nicely without harming your clear stamps. I will have to give this a try at some point.Technique Tuesday card kit-6

The third card was about masking. Stamping the first pear and then using a mask to cover a part of it to stamp the second pear. The point was not to have a thick overlapping of ink but give the illusion of the second pear behind the first. I need to practice a lot more on the masking technique when used in this manner. This card is designed to be a gift card holder.

Technique Tuesday card kit-9

The fourth card was so cute on the colored sheet and I wish I could have done it justice. The fussy cutting for the stem just played right into my weakness. The idea here was to do more masking. I was supposed to stamp the green top on the card stock then make a mask for it so the strawberry stamp would fit nicely under it.  I just could not get the hang of it as I kept coming up with large spaces between the stem and strawberry. In a moment of frustration, I cheated, I overlapped my stamp.

 Technique Tuesday’s also included red flocking powder to add to the sentiment frame. While I was not super neat with it, I did like the technique of using red tape to line the edges, the flocking stuck in the right places. I just need to take a dry fine paint brush to get rid the loose bits.

Technique Tuesday card kit-8

The last card was considered a bonus with no instructions but I had a good time figuring it out by the picture only. I liked the layers with the tearing technique ( I have to say after dealing with the fussy cutting, the tearing was quite satisfying.) and the patterns incorporated. I think out all of them I am probably most happy with how I reproduced this one.

Technique Tuesday card kit-10

This kit was terrific to work with as everything was cut to size and prepared, I just had to assemble and play with the stamps. I think there is something to be said about just playing with supplies with no pressure. I started to work out some solutions to existing projects as well as think of some new ones. While I may not do another one of the kits for a while I will be incorporating some of the many products included in the warehouse box.

Thanks for reading through this presumably “quick post” !

Until next time……



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2 thoughts on “Card Kit from Technique Tuesday’s warehouse box

  1. You are being too hard on yourself – these are great, and really cute! I particularly like projects 3 and 5. I share your woes with fussy cutting because I am hopeless at it! Always looks like I did it blindfolded…


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