6 Tips on Purchasing Warehouse Mystery Boxes

Good Morning,

When I found out about these manufacturer mystery boxes for the first time I  thought I had stumbled upon an insider secret. Boxes chock full of all kinds of brand new product direct from the manufacturer warehouse. Depending on the manufacturer, a crafter can get a box loaded with product valued from $80 -$150 retail for $35-$50 per box.  Year after year I watched amazing boxes along with a few duds be unboxed. But always a little worried of getting that one dud of a box.  When I finally decided to take the plunge I came up with some rules/ tips that have served me well and thought I would share them.

  1. Keep in mind the product in these boxes will be at minimum a year old.
  2. Start with your “go to” companies, ones you are familiar enough to know past collections/products and if you liked them.
  3. Try not to have any expectations of what or how much you will receive of a particular collection.
  4. Check out YouTube for past unboxing videos of that particular manufacturer or company.
  5. Ask yourself after watching the videos:   Did you like the mix of products (brads, flair, stamps, paper etc) included in the box ? Did the box seem like it was worth it? Was there a ton of duplicates?
  6.  How much information has the company given about the box and how comfortable are you with it?  For example: Simple Stories let buyers know which collections to expect product. While other companies might just say product from the past two years with a dollar amount.

These boxes can be so much fun and with a little research it can be calculated risk that pays off in great product.

To get you started on a little research for next spring’s warehouse offerings here is my Simple Stories Warehouse Box Reveal.


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7 thoughts on “6 Tips on Purchasing Warehouse Mystery Boxes

  1. I rarely purchase warehouse boxes because I like to pick out my own product. However, if there is just a company that I love just about everything they produce, I will buy a box. I’ve been so happy with my most recent purchases. The hardest part is that I like to be surprised. Avoiding the reveal videos is so difficult!

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  2. Thanks for sharing these tips. Very, very useful!
    The video is awesome (I’m green with envy, lol!)
    Where do you get the info about the mystery boxes? I would like to try. Specially Simple Stories, which is my favorite designer.


    1. Hi Ana,
      Thank you for the kind comments. Initially I did google searches for warehouse boxes by manufacturer name. The companies now announce these boxes on their blogs. Join Simple Stories blog or any other companies. Thank you again for taking the time to comment.


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