Can Shopping Cure a Creative Block????


Good Morning,

Creative block can be so hard to get passed at times. Just when I start to figure it out , I suddenly can’t finish a project. I have pinned a lot of hope on this summer break to loosen some creative thoughts.

In the meantime….I have been shoppping!!! It is hard to not take advantage of the great deals going on around me. One of my favorite on-line stores, All Scrapbook Steals, just closed their doors on June first. I discovered them in the past year or two with excellent deals on current product as well as phenomenal deals on bundles of past collections.  They will be missed.

Simple Stories recently announced their first warehouse box, so of course I had to get that one. It should be arriving later today, so excited. They are probably one of my current favorite manufactureres right now. I think they are innovative in the type of products they offer along with great design.

Technique Tuesday’s just a had an incredible warehouse box with tons of stuff for $10. Which brings me to announce with a little trepidation mixed with excitement…..I have done my first video.  While I would prefer to have some incredibly creative project to show, I do like it when others share their “warehouse boxes” aka “mystery boxes” from manufacturers.  This box was such a deal I thought I would return the favor and share what was in these 7lb boxes wiht almost $80-100 of product.  Now let’s see if I can get You Tube linked properly.


I will continue to explore my shopping for creative cure and keep you updated. Hopefully a break through will come soon, it is getting crowded in my craft space.

Thanks for reading and watching! I am always appreciative of the visits and comments.

Until next time…..

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