How To Make a “Mixed Media” Embellishment for a Scrapbook Layout

I have been playing a lot with some mixed media products lately most notable the Ken Oliver inks mixed with modeling paste.  I had a great time playing with stencils, but I found I also wanted to find a way to use it as an embellishment that would fit with my layout style.


As it happened, I was working on an Easter Egg coloring layout and needed some paint “splats”. I did some cut outs in paper but then it struck me to try and use some mixed media. I didn’t have the traditional stencil so here is my method of making a Mixed Media embellishment.


Splat how to

  • I used my Silhouette Cameo but any cutter,  punch or hand cut shape will work.
  • minimum 65lb card stock heavier the better
  • craft mat
  • Modeling paste
  • color burst inks
  • craft knife, off set knife or something wide and flat to spread the paste
  • ziplock bag
  • Glossy Accents (option)

Step 1:      20160413_161358.jpg

Cut your shape out then set it aside.

Tip: Use a light colored paper as a  bold color or pattern can show through even with a colored modeling paste.



Step 2:20160430_150219-1.jpg.jpeg

Mixing color into paste.

Using a portion of your craft mat, mix the modeling paste and ink on your craft mat.

For this one I used dollop of Art Basics modeling paste and a squirt from Color Burst Orchid. Then made another dollop of paste and squirt from Color burst Tangerine both colors are from the Ken Oliver Caribbean Color Burst Set.


20160409_193815.jpgStep 3:

Spreading the paste on your shape.

I did this two ways and found I like each method for a different reason.

First option: 

Standard Method:

Take a craft knife or something with a wide surface aka spatula and spread the medium on your shape. Make sure you get the edges and corners thick enough as some can be lost in the process of peeling it up. 

Second option:

My Pastry Bag Method:

A freeform shape like my “splat” has edges that can be damaged while spreading the medium.

  • To do this open a sandwich size ziplock bag and fill it with your colored paste using your craft knife.
  • With the bag still open push the paste into a bottom corner of the bag.
  •  Then use the bag’s seal to seal it and  twist the excess top of the bag further pushing the paste into the corner.
  • Then cut your corner in the bag. I used a generous cut but small enough I could still control it by the pressure I applied.  

Being able to apply the paste from above provided the weight needed to keep the edges down. This  makes it easier to spread paste without hurting delicate edges or lines.

Tip: I found that mixing the color and paste on the mat instead of inside the bag created a more thorough color distribution.


Step 4:

Once you have the paste spread evenly all over your shape peel it up and set it in the corner of your craft mat to dry completely. 



Step 5:

Adding Shine


I used a matte finish paste so to make my “splat” have that “wet” look I added Glossy Accents. Given I was putting it  over a latex finish I gave it most of a day to dry.



Tip: While I have yet to try it, it might be  possible to eliminate this step using high gloss paste if you are going for a shiny or wet look.



Splat how to-3Step 6:

Adhering your embellishment.

One of the great things about a latex product on paper is it remains flexible. While the paper might curl a bit due to the moisture being drawn out from the paste, the embellishment can easily be bended back into shape.

On my pages I used an adhesive foam tape this gave it dimension by raising it off the page. For the most the embellishment should be safe to use on your scrapbook pages since you are using scrapbook paper as a base then sealing the latex with glossy accents. But, since I can’t guarantee it I used a dimensional adhesive. 

Tip: Keep in mind your embellishment will be heavy due to the paste I recommend a stronger adhesive such as glue dots, red tape or scor-tape. 

Here are the finished embellishments on my layout:

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  1. Fun! Thanks for those thorough instructions! I’ll definitely want to try that sometime, I’m sure! Thank you again – that was great. Melissa


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