New Project: Graphic 45 /Bo Bunny Album for a Special Teacher

It is not often given how our current primary school systems works to find a teacher that is dedicated so wholeheartedly to teaching to different kids levels. It requires a ton of extra work. No pulling the same ole’ worksheets from previous years. A teacher who looks for content that is of interest to the current class and goes with them down a discovery path when the topic evolves. That kind of teacher is special!

While the class chips in to give a gift at the end of the year I wanted to do some a little more special since she has had both of my kids. Each time delivering education in ways that benefited them the best. Not every parent understands this, she gets push back for “not enough homework” or too much, I guess in a teacher’s life the adage of not being able to please all the people all time is a way of life.

She is also the type of teacher that expects nothings and appreciates everything she is given. One of our shared interest is photography, as she likes to document the highlights of the year with the students. Each class has their own collage board on display in her room, so cool! Past parents have given her a basic album, not too fancy just some photos on paper. While my idea is to make an interactive mini album, this worried me. What if she has enough of that or my work is awful? The mental negative messages continue to scroll through my brain, which is why the project is getting started now even though it seems early.

While I conquer my inner messages around giving a handmade gift made by me, not some amazingly talented other person; I am wondering is there anyone else out there who is making gift for their child’s teacher?  Maybe you experienced a special teacher you wanted to make something for, how did that go? I hope you will share your story in comments, I would love to hear about it. Even if you want to share about a project that went wrong…I have had a few of those.

Here is the specifics of my album idea:

I am thinking of making it a 9 x 11 using Graphic 45 ABC primer mixed with  Bo Bunny School Days, to add a little more color. The album is meant to encompass two years so I am hoping with the extra real estate on the pages she will be able to get in a ton of pictures.The plan is to do some waterfall pages and pull out picture folios like my last album.



The goal is to have something to share each week as I progress through the album along with any techniques or product I think is worth sharing. I hope you will join me on this next project and please share your experineces in making a gift for that special teacher.


Unitl next time…….






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