Loving My New Silhouette Cameo Die Cutter

Good Morning,

I just wanted to do a short post about my Silhouette Cameo. It has been waiting for a place in the house since Christmas. It finally has one in our new office space and has been set up for almost two weeks. I giggle everytime I use it. I can’t help it. I love it when I can easily find what I need and it works at the click of a button.

For the last week I think I have expereinced the easiest electronic die cutting I have ever had since buying a “green bug” in 2007. I am so glad to have made the switch to Silhouette. I feel like my whole creative world has not only gotten easier but has opened up immensely.

Latest Silhouette Machine with covered cutting mat. (mat is clear) 

I have been grouping, ungrouping, resizing, duplicating, welding, making shadows and cutting for the last week.  My eyes still glaze over while in the Silhouette store. I LOVE being able to buy one image as I need it with the knowledge that it is mine to keep.   It is not contingent on buying a plan. This is reasonable! This is a win-win for both company and customer.  I can find designs from some of my favorite scrapbook manufacutrers like Echo Park, Carta Bella and Simple Stories. I no longer have to wory about using up a certain sticker or die cut in an ephermera pack as a lot of it is in the Silhouette store.

a splat that has been ungrouped, resized and cut indiviually. 

I can cut chipboard, prep layouts with mats and full size border cuts, I can do 3d images as well. I am having so much fun with this I am going to be starting on a new home decor piece for my son’s room. I can see how helpful it will be for making more interactive albums.

Anyway, I can go on but I said short and I was just bursting at the seams with joy I had to share.  I know many of ou have a mchine but if you are thinking about getting one and have some questions please feel free to ask.

Until next time……





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