Layout with Tonic Studios Crystal Drops and more…

Good Morning,

Well the creative block I was plagued with last week has lifted a little. I worked through the block on this layout and I feel like it shows a bit. However, when I am creatively blocked sometimes it works if I  just keep plugging away! What do you do when your creatively blocked?

This layout is of my little creative side kick, Xack. This was last October shortly after turning two. This photo reminded me he is finding his more independent thinking and acting on it.   I usually am happy to catch candids of him but this time he saw the camera and struck a pose completely on his own! I have to say he pulled off a good picture, I just wish I did a better job of fixing the background.

Getting back to creative block and this layout…. Have you ever found when doing a favorite picture, it can be that much harder to create a layout?  I had two things working against me, I loved how my last layout of our crazy dog turned out and I wanted that for this favored picture as well.  This created a perfect storm of paralyzig my creativity. The layout design was a real struggle for me, after going back and forth I finally deided on a more “toddler “look.  I wanted to depict his current interests in helicopters, trains and being outdoors enjoying the birds in the trees. This echo park oldie but goodie, Scoot did it. Xachary pose2

I am finding I like layering things not just with paper (i.e. extra mats on the picture) but with ink, patterns, stickers or dimensional mediums. I am also alwasy on the look out for new prodcuts that can add to the effect. This layout gave me the chance to play with two products recently added to the “scrap stash”  that will not only become staples  but help in acheiving that multi-layered look.

The first is Tonic Studio’s Crystal Drops in gloss. The pumpkin orange was used on the tree (we have an orange tree in our backyard). 20160412_173641.jpgThese little drops are a perfect alternative to the enamel dot stickers that are so popular right now. The drops create the same effect as enamel dot stickers while allowing for more options in size and shape. As for colors, I am only limited by what I own as they seem to have a good variety of colors. I just need to learn to wait for it to dry before lifting up my layout.  They do dry fairly quick, I just happened to lift up my layout right after I finished applying the last dot. If you look closely they are not perfectly round! …On second thought don’t look closely!

The other product is my new set of Stephanie Bernard ink pads she created with Colorbox. She has three different sets, this one is “set 2” consisting of what I call “clear bright” colors I use a lot.20160412_173834.jpg                                                            These are super “juicy” ink pads that create crisp stamped lines.  I used the yellow aka “banana” on the die cut sun (Silhouette Cameo).  The die cut is stamped with an old Technique Tuesday small stamp. the two toned effect gives the die cut sun a little more presences on the page.

To me, these are the perfect hues, especially for projects involving babies, small children, spring, summer, happy bright occassions or if you just like bright clear colors. She also makes a smaller size ink pad that was very tempting  but opted instead for the matching set of pens to go with these stamps. …..more to come when they arrive. If you are interested in these her site is *

As I said earlier the papers and stickers are from the Echo Park Collection “Scoot”. I had found bit and pieces of this collection on clearance at my local scrapbook store and loved it. Given the collection’s age it was impossible to find it anywhere. Imagine my excitement as I walked the sales floor at the  Scrapbooking and Stamping Expo in February to find Echo Park themselves with a booth selling this collection along with a ton of other product for an amamzing price.  Word of advice if you have a scrapbooking and stamping Expo coming to your area and like Echo Park check to see if they are exhibiting. If they are, you will not be disappointed, the prices are amazing!

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to stop by, I always appreciate the visits and comments.

Until next time…….

*Again I do not receive any compensation for mentioning these products or liinking to their site it is solely because I found them to be quality products that my readers might enjoy learning about. 

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