Mixed Media Monday with New Ken Oliver’s Color Burst ink’s

Good Morning,

I received my order from Blitsy this morning with the new Ken Oliver’s color burst microfine dry inks in Caribbean Brights. I was so excited I had to play with them right then.

I have been seeing them demoed and promoted as watercolors. This ink makes amazing watercolors but I really wanted to see how they did mixed with texture/modeling paste. There is just something about mixing vibrant color into plain white and watching how it develops.

The best part, my two-year-old art loving son came into the room as I was getting things out. We often do stamping together so I put him on my lap and together we had the best time mixing colors. I was not going to do the turquoise since I had played with it in the class I took. However as my little guy  “oohed” and “aaaahhhed” at the colors his excited request, “Blue, Mama, Blue!” changed my mind for the better. We both loved all these wonderful bright colors that get even brighter as the paste dries.

The pictures below are of it still wet with very little ink added. As I look at the Fuchsia now that it has dried, it is the same color as the label on the bottle.  If you are using modeling paste I recommend trying out a little dab with a tiny bit of color then let it set. You can adjust later for your project.

Here is a mixed shot of all the colors.IMG_20160328_162540

If you are not familiar with these you might be surprised by the small size of the bottle. Don’t be! These are dry concentrated inks that pack a powerful punch of color. A little bit goes a loooooong way! Each one of these, the exception of chartreuse, has one quick tiny squeeze of the bottle. I did a little extra looking for a brighter Chartreuse.

I used a piece of scrap white card stock with my new Crafter’s Workshop stencil called mini complicated hearts. I was sos excited I didn’t give a lot of thought to the paper thickness, this is a pretty thin piece (60lb) normally I would use a watercolor or heavier weight paper. The color did not bleed but the water content from the paste went through it a bit as it dried.

Crafter Workshop stencil with color burst microfine watercolor powder in fuchsia,tangerine and orchid hearts

I can also tell you that the color of each heart now matches the labels of these bottles.


The colors have changed to their true vibrancy now that the paste is dry!  I love this concentrated microfine powdered ink. I will be using these hearts on a project as well as these colors in more mixed media. They work beautifully with paste as much as a watercolor!

Until next time….


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