Mixed media card with gold mousse

Good Morning,

Since March is designated as National Craft Month, I thought I would do another product share to bring everyone along on my journey  of trying new products and techniques.

I recently had the pleasure to work with Tonic Studio’s Nuvo Embellishment Mousse in metallic gold while taking a mix media class. This is Tonic’s version of a texture paste but really light with beautiful gold color. The luminescence of this product is impressive, it is just as bright dry as it wet.

As for the consistency of the “mousse” it was light weight, which I would expect but it also has this “drier” quality to it.  Due to this “dry” quality, I feel the paste is set, ready to go faster than some other texture paste I have experienced.  Given the amount we applied to this card, I thought I would be applying the finishing embellishments at home, as did many others. However, all of us were pleasantly surprised to find it was dry enough to finish the card and pack away without fear of smearing the paste.

To give an idea of the dimension of this product here is a close up:mixed media card-4

This is a product that you can add a thin layer or a thicker layer to produce a good result. Being new to this paste I used a lighter hand yet love the outcome. Again, looking at the paste wet in the jar compared to it dry in this picture the color is almost identical if not a little brighter once dry.

Clean up was easy with a wet paper towel for the stencil.  I am still getting my toes wet in mixed media so learning how to minimize my mess has been a challenge. However I find  this mousse’s consistency and ease of use reduce my chances of being covered in gold or for that matter, my house.

If you have never played with this mousse or texture paste in general but would like to try, here is what you need:

  • a palette knife or something wide and flat to spread the paste.
  • Tonic studio’s mousse or texture paste in general.
  • A stencil of any size or shape.
  • Paper (thicker weight such as card stock) or canvas or watercolor paper pad. We used a card stock for the card.
  • Wet paper towels or baby wipes on hand for quick clean up.
  • Most importantly have fun!!!!

I hope you give this fun medium a try on your next project. Happy National/International Craft Month!

Until next time……



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7 thoughts on “Mixed media card with gold mousse

  1. Great review with perfect photos .Would have liked to see before photo of the die /stencil on card and if using a die cut shape /design , is it hard to keep paste off it ?


    1. HI, I am glad you liked the review. I had taken part in a class on the mousse. The stencil was super easy clean up with wet paper towels( I had a harder time matching it up to the pre-cut border.) I think the lighter, drier consistency makes handling it easier. Texture paste/modeling paste seem more watery than this accent mousse. I have been considering a follow up post with more detail. Thank you again for taking the time to leave a comment.

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