The Creative Side vs. The Mechanical Side


Have you ever found yourself so excited to start a project, maybe an album, a page or even a home improvement project, that its hard to contain yourself? I spend hours researching so when I have the final picture in mind, I dive in. I might even …..maybe on occasion….have a little tunnel vision. Perhaps a tendency to tune out suggestions about bothersome “fine” mechanical details. I mean,seriously, can’t you paint the walls after I have hung everything up?

So yes, my exuberance to bring the mental picture to life has hindered me in all facets of my creative life. The funny thing is, I have a mechanical mind but I have to be calm and patient to access it. Difficult to do when I have an inner Tasmanian Devil-esque creative side in charge.

Which is why I was so excited today when the mechanical side came out strong. Its a small step, not much to write home about, just some album prepping but it was a welcome change. It means my skills are growing both in crafting and personally. I think this aspect of crafting is often overlooked. Its fun, its doesn’t seem like a math class or a critical thinking class but it is, just taught in a way that the creative mind understands.

My craft uses paper, scissors and glue but, I am also using critical thinking, math, geometry, language arts to create. I am just realizing that the more I recognize these aspects in myself the more my creative process flows. I don’t have to choose one over the other more the lesson is about how to make them work together.

Until next time………

Published by The Morning Scrapper

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