Scraproom realizations and challenges….

I am finally getting the energy up to clean up my scrap space after the whirlwind of Valentine projects, school projects,  and some new purchases.  As I start to put things away, I see stacks of all the beautiful product I have set aside for a number of project ideas. I realize that it is far to easy to let life get in the way. While some of the ideas I have can be overwhelming it is becoming more overwhelming not to start.  I have the makings for a few mini albums that were  suppose to be a gifts……for christmas……two years ago.  EEK!

With that in mind, I am setting a personal challenge for myself, to finish one of my projects by the end of this month. I know its half way through the month and a short one at that, but I am optimistic.  I will share my project choice along with some pictures in my next post, my progress there after, resulting in a share video at the end.

Does anyone else have an uncompleted project that has been sitting around?  Come join me in this personal crafting challenge. Leave me a comment telling me about your crafty project.

Until our next scrappy morning………


Published by The Morning Scrapper

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